The Adventures of PepitoLiving the Dream

I was born under a trailer on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. There was a lot of cactus and sagebrush. Conditions were harsh. From an early age I learned In order to survive I had to be tough, I had to be resourceful, and I had to be determined.

On a dark and cold night just before Christmas my sisters and I were boxed up. Those locos tapped a Tecate box to a Bud light box with us in them. The idiots drove us further into nowhere land and left us as coyote bait. It was snowing and it was cold. We were hungry and we were thirsty. We eventually scratched the box open but life wasn’t any better outside than it was inside. This was our new home – me and my two hermans.

We had no food or water and we were getting weak, around the third day we were about to give up hope. When out of nowhere some humans drove by and spotted my seester. I’d hated humans and I sure didn’t trust them. The only ones I’d ever known hit me and left me to starve. I’d told her, my seester, to be careful. I told her to stay low and invisible while she was hunting, but she obviously didn’t listen and those humans were fierce.

They chased us and we had them running. I thought they were going to make me into a hot dog.  One by one they caught us.They caught baby seester first. There really was no hope for her. She was the runt and so hungry and weak she could hardly move.  But, I was surprised when they caught lupita, not my lupita she was my sidekick and we had plans. And, then they were after me. I was a clever pup running, twisting, and turning. I weaved in and out of sagebrush and cactus. I thought I had them fooled. Then they did it. They really did it!  I was so mad. They tricked me. They threw something on my head, took out my visibility and couldn’t see a thing – dam them! I tried to run, but couldn’t get anywhere. They had me, que stupido.

The humans drove us with our box home to their home. My plan was to escape as soon as I could. I was an independent dog and while it was harsh being on our own I thought it was better than being beaten by humans. But, they tricked me again. They gave me a soft bed to rest on and food to eat. For the first time in my life I was comfortable. I didn’t understand it. I’d decided I’d just rest through the night, build my strength and then leave in the morning. I was on a mission. I wanted to start my adventures. But then they did it again. They gave me more food. They began to rub my tummy and scratched behind my ears. What was going on?

I was fierce. I barked at them. I showed them my fangs. Couldn’t they see I was tough and I didn’t need them? We didn’t need them. It was a trick and I was onto them. Then one day my baby hermana disappeared. I overheard them talking, they said, “they’d found a home for her. She had a new family and a new name.” Then my lupita disappeared and I was on my own. They EVEN began calling me Pepito. Pepito?

Now five years later I’m still fierce, and I’m living the dream. Life is good.  I go on mini adventures every day then I get to relax with humans I love. Turns out these humans weren’t so bad and I really have it good here. It took me awhile to realize it but when I finally let go and gave into what was life got a lot easier. These days I give a lot of love and in return I get a lot of LOVE.


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