Don’t get stuck in the MUD

There’s only one way out of a sticky situation.  You have to keep moving in the direction you want to go. It might be hard and it might not always be fun, but if you’re clear about where you’re headed you’ll get there one step at a time.

Last weekend I was really excited to go out for a long run. I love running! Along with being a great work out it’s my stress reliever, meditation, and time to just let go.  I was planning to go for a long run, at least 8-9 miles, nothing unusual for me during this time of year.

It was early. The sunrise was just peaking over the mountain. I  decided to go off road and onto the trails. They seemed fine. They were a little muddy, but overall dry. I figured, why not? After about 20 minutes I decided to head out on to a long dirt road that is probably only used once every year maybe every two years. It was beautiful – it was miles and miles of open space, my dog, a few birds chirping, and me.

I had been out that way once before about a year ago. mud runThat time I’d made it all the way to the end. I’d seen the big horned sheep that graze by the river cliff. I knew I wasn’t going to make it that far this time, I hadn’t planned for it. About 3 miles in I decided to turn back and start heading home. And, that’s when I realized my run seemed to be getting harder and harder. The dirt was thawing out and turning into MUD. Turns out I had started out early enough that the ground was still frozen, but after a little time in the warm morning sun it was beginning to thaw out. I was starting to slip and slide, my feet were getting soaked, and the mud was sticking to my shoes. I looked like I was running with mud bricks on my feet.

I was getting frustrated. I stopped to asses my situation and decided I really only had three options: turn around and go the way I’d come, which would eventually lead me back to where I was right at that moment. Give up and wait to see if my husband or anyone else came to rescue me. Or, keep moving forward, one step at a time. I decided my best option was to move forward and make it home.

I buckled down, picked up my pace, and ran. It was not fun, but I knew I had to keep running to get out of the mess I’d gotten myself into. Then I realized this was a powerful metaphor for my life, because I feel like I’m in a sticky situation right now. I’m in a transitional period and the transition is leading me into places I’ve not had to go to for a long time or even ever. I have many different people giving me advise and telling me what they would do. While I don’t mind their advise, I know I have to listen to my own heart and do what I know is best for me.

I realized to get out of my life’s sticky situation I needed to stay clear and keep moving in the right direction for me. It might be hard and kind of ugly right now, but if I stick to these two concepts I will eventually get to where I need to go.

Sometimes it seems like we’re stuck in a bad situation and we wonder how we’ve gotten there, more importantly how we’re going to get out. We always have choices and whatever we choose can either get us closer to our goal or farther from it. That’s why knowing where your headed is important.

Needless to say I was gone longer than expected, but hadn’t run nearly the miles I had intended. I was okay with that. I also realized sometimes you just need to let go and go with it. It was still a great run and a good workout. I learned a life lesson and got to play in the mud.

Have you ever been stuck in the mud? How’d you get out of your sticky situation? Or, maybe you like to run too, tell me what life lessons your runs have taught you.


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