Proud Mama Moment

While grocery shopping my little princess saw a bundle of carrots she just had to HAVE. I don’t know what came over her, really. We were walking through the produce aisle when she spotted a beautiful bunch of carrots that she decided she could not live without. My initial reaction was to tell her no. I said, “we have a whole bunch of carrots we already need to eat sitting in the refrigerator at home. Thankfully it only took me a second to realize what I was saying, because she was really wanting this carrot bunch. You could see it in her eyes. She HAD to have them!

Isn’t that we are always hoping for – that our kids will pay attention to what we tell them and do something healthy and/or good for them? She could have been asking for candy, cookies, pies, chips, almost anything. She wasn’t. She was asking for carrots.

I’m really glad we bought the carrots. Before we even got into the car she was pulling the biggest and brightest, orange carrot out of the bunch. She began eating it like it was pure bliss. When I asked her if she could wait until we got home so she could wash it, her response “NO I need to eat this carrot right now.” I finally decided to let her eat since the carrot was organic and locally grown, also because the look on her face told me she would explode if she didn’t. She ate and within an hour she’d eaten the entire bunch of carrots, finally satisfied.

Malia and carrot

The carrot

It didn’t matter to me that earlier in the day she’d already eaten two large marshmallows and asked for candy. It didn’t matter that we’d already argued over a toy baby she wanted for her birthday. All that mattered was that perfect and blissful moment, when she wanted nothing more than a simple carrot.  As she happily ate I just watched her – a proud mama.


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